Our brand has always been about you.
Helping you feel like the most confident person you can be.
Helping you find that extra sparkle, that little extra spring in your step that gets you through your day.
It's what we are most passionate about, and the whole purpose behind Arna+Co.


Arna+Co is a locally owned and operated business run from a small country town, Ayr, in North Queensland.

My name is Nashur Adams, and I am the owner, designer, and do-er of all things here at Arna+Co. It is my pride and joy, and I love being about to design new and exciting jewellery products and sharing them with you all.

Previously ArnaDesigns, Arna+Co came about during the pregnancy of my second daughter. Unfortunately, it was a really tough pregnancy and I was medically unable to work very early in the journey. I was in and out of hospital throughout, and when at home, needed something to take my mind off what was happening. As with most hard times, a lot of positives came out of it. My daughter was born, strong and stubborn! But also well, which was the end goal. And my business was born.

Arna+Co began as a silicone jewellery brand, believe it or not! We made mummy necklaces, as that's the stage of my life I was in. Since then we have migrated into earrings, sparkle and resin. My goodness I love resin.... and the rest is history. My love of creating unique, statement jewellery was born! Since then we have added new brands to the store and have merged into your one stop handmade accessory shop!

Arna+Co is made up of the names of myself, and my gorgeous girls.

(A - Aleea, R - Reagan, N - Nashur (me), and A for Adams (our surname).

Of course my husband is in the background too, working hard to keep our business running, making stands and displays for me, and picking up the slack when needed, and we are incredibly grateful for his support and help during the busy periods.

I pride myself on being very approachable. I endeavour to answer all emails, messages and enquiries myself --- yep, it's just me! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or queries. We do sell wholesale, and are always on the lookout for amazing new stockists. Other than that, ENJOY,

xx Nashur